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Professional Carpet Care


Protecting your carpets the right way will save you from replacing them sooner than expected. At Dympash, we are focused on the long-term protection by using the latest carpet machinery and cleaning solutions.

High Traffic Carpet Cleaning

These areas may require more regular cleaning that the rest of your commercial location. We can design a plan that addresses these areas more requently than others.

Protection Services

Your commercial carpet gets a lot more traffic than your home, so adding professional protectants is key in extending the life and luster of your floors.

Odor & Germs

Carpets trap bacteria and germs so regular cleaning is required to ensure a safe and healthy workplac

Spot Cleaning

When spots appear, time is the enemy. We use the latest solvents and solutions to address these as they happen to avoid any long term effects.

We ARE the carpet professionals - no job is too large - give Dympash a call today!

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