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The 5 critical things you must know...

On this 60 minute webinar you will learn the 5 MOST IMPORTANT things you need to know before buying into a cleaning franchise!

All free education, nothing is for sale! Come ready to learn exactly how to make money in this exciting business and not get ripped off!
About You?
Choosing a company
Support & Fees
Why Franchise?


Be your own CEO! Run your own company with the support of Dympash.
Recurring Revenue Streams
Janitorial Franchises operate on a recurring revenue model. Recurring revenue is revenue that is predictable, stable, and can be counted on in the future with a high degree of certainty.
Be Part of a Proven System
Systems & procedures. These are proven so if you follow the established procedures you too can have a successful business and earn a great living.
Higher Success Rate
A recent study showed that 91% of franchises were still in business   after two years, and 85% were still in business after five years.
Why a DYMPASH Franchisee?

Dympash Academy

Dympash has developed a fully encompassing curriculum to make you a complete business owner. Upon completion you will know how to:
- Use all necessary software. Third party & Dympash created
- Generate Leads and move them along the sales cycle
- Create a new bid
- Set-up a new account. Complete back end and field training
- Hire qualified employees
- Create a Budget.  
- Manage an efficient & profitable business
In addition to all the training, you will receive all necessary materials including advertising.


Dympash understands that achieving freedom starts with a plan. Everyone is chasing freedom, be it financial, personal or time. Follow our proven model and take the first step towards making your vision of freedom a reality.
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Personal Growth

Dympash invests in each franchisee. Personal growth and development covers activities that improve understanding, identify talents and develop potential. The end goal being, an enhanced quality of life that contribute to the realization of dreams and aspirations.
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At Dympash we understand the importance of family. We provide for our family, we protect our family, and we prepare our family for upcoming challenges!
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Our Work Revolves Around
Improving The Quality
of Your Life at Work
We help business professionals manage any and all facility maintenance concerns; from implementing preventative measures because of serious health concerns or attending to a relatively mundane annoyance.
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