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Our Work Revolves Around Improving The Quality of Your Life at Work


We are a team focused on developing new, efficient and cost effective ways to execute basic principles of maintaining space.

We help business professionals manage any and all facility maintenance concerns; from implementing preventative measures because of serious health concerns or attending to a relatively mundane annoyance.

We are problem solvers, public defenders, communicators, building maintenance specialists, and regulatory experts. We also are parents, brothers, sisters, friends, employees, community leaders, volunteers, and more.

We have a lot in common with the people we serve, and we come together every day to create, discover, and deliver quality service to improve people's health via the proper upkeep of their surroundings.

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DYMPASH, INC emerged from humble beginnings and is on pace to be among the industry leaders by 2018. DYMPASH has evolved to become a facility management leader, delivering innovative solutions to developers, property managers, tenants and owners in more than 50 industries.

A New Beginning

DYMPASH was founded with the focus and capabilities to address all of the challenges encountered routinely or sporadically by property owners, property managers or tenants. DYMPASH has the stability, resources, expertise, and passion to discover, develop, and bring solutions to these individuals so their employees, vendors, customers and consumers enjoy a safe and science to solve the biggest health problems that face the world today and tomorrow.

Reach and Focus

People today work longer, stress filled hours, they are required to focus on the tasks which they specialize so their efficiency and subsequent productivity will be maximized. We take a broad perspective on improving not only the space but also the health of the human capital therein. At the locations we service we are committed to new thinking and approaches; we strive to find new solutions that will eliminate or reduce the transmittal of harmful microorganisms and bacterial systems to bring continued health awareness along with cosmetically maintained spaces, cost effectively.

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